The Simple Minds discussion blog and music


Thanks to all of the readers of Simple Minded. The blog has moved onward and upward to new things and you will now find the cover versions created by myself, Simon Hayward, Christophe Avril and other collaborators gradually added at The original soundtracks will be remixed and uploaded with artwork for your MP3 player. Keep checking Audio Echo over the next few months to download the free cover versions of Simple Minds tracks and also buy original tracks by Peter Simcoe.

Below is a screenshot of the new website which is both an outlet for purchasing soundtracks for £0.99p as well as featuring reviews of current cinema and DVD / BluRay releases. As of writing this post on 12 September, the site has only been launched for a week but is growing and developing rapidly! Enjoy reading / listening and contact me at or call my mobile on 07704 629906 to arrange a gig in your area!

Audio Echo Website image